Innovative Lightweight Solutions for Sustainable Mobility

Hightech-Engineering made in Dresden (Germany)


Leading through innovation​

Creating innovative lightweight solutions to make transportation safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly – that’s our profession. Wherever transportation is needed – on rail, road, or water, in the air, or in machinery and systems – we develop the right solution for the job so you can achieve your goals faster.


Feasibility studies
Study of complex assemblies to identify lightweight construction potential

crane boom

Lightweight solutions for construction machinery can improve the load capacity and the outreach

combine harvester

Lightweight solutions for agricultural machinery can increase working width and reduce soil compaction


Lightweight solutions for commercial vehicles can, for example, increase the transport load and reduce axle loads

Ground-breaking Innovations Innovative Leichtbaulösungen



As an engineering service provider, we take a holistic approach. We assess the lightweight potential of components, make the material selection, design the components and their production in accordance with the material, and realize prototype construction and testing – all under the aspects of safety, economy, and sustainability.

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Innovations are the key to energy and resource efficiency in all areas of the economy and society. Lightweight construction is a supporting pillar for this. We are underpinning this foundation and continuing our success story in the development of fiber composite components for rail vehicles and other applications.

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Energy- and resource-efficient means of transport form a basis for the sustainable mobility of the future. With excellent knowledge and extensive experience, we cover the complete development chain from conception, design and simulation to the construction and testing of innovative lightweight components.

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Leichtbau-Engineering-Dienstleister Unsere Referenzen

Thermoplastic side flap

The side flap from the underfloor paneling of a high-speed train is produced from carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic in an automated compression molding process. The cycle time is 2 minutes per…

SET4FUTURE Innovation Award for Pantograph Platform

We have been awarded a SET4FUTURE Innovation Award 2022 for a pantograph platform made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). The 3804mm x 2508mm component is part of the roof…

Prototyp Perspektive

ERCI Innovation Award 2020 for bogie frames

The lightweight bogie frame in a new CFRP differential design for rail vehicles developed under our leadership has received the “ERCI innovation Award 2020”. We are the first Saxon company…


CARBODIN: Fiber composite lightweight construction for car bodies

In the CARBODIN project funded by the European Shift2Rail program, we have joined forces with European partners to develop a generic modular lightweight fiber composite design for rail vehicle bodies…


Das Unternehmen CG Rail GmbH

We are a research and development company in the field of modern lightweight structural engineering. As an engineering service provider, we pursue a holistic approach. We assess the lightweight potential of components, make the material selection, design the components and their production in keeping with the material, and realize the prototype construction and testing – all with due consideration for safety, profitability and sustainability.