Leichtbau Drehgestellrahmen

Lightweight bogie frame

Winner of the ERCI Innovation Awards 2020

Together with partners, we have developed and technologically realized the first lightweight bogie frame in innovative CFRP differential design.

This leap innovation in rail vehicle technology has been honored by the European Railway Clusters Initiative (ERCI) with the “ERCI Innovation Award 2020”.

Outstanding features of this lightweight innovation for rail vehicles are:

  • fiber-composite-compatible design and manufacture by dividing the frame into longitudinal and transverse beams with comparatively simple geometry
  • Highly efficient production using highly automated technologies suitable for series production (braiding and winding)
  • Successful cyclic test according to DIN EN 13749 – over 12 million load cycles at a load level of up to 160 percent compared to normal operating load
  • excellent driving dynamic properties
  • almost 50 percent mass saving compared to conventional steel construction