published: 27.07.2023

Involvement of CG Rail GmbH in the DIN Standards Committee “Fahrweg und Schienenfahrzeuge” (FSF) (English: Track and Rolling Stock)” !

Since its founding in 2015, CG Rail GmbH has built up unique know-how in the use of continuous fibre-reinforced plastics for highly stressed rail vehicle structures within the scope of numerous projects. These so-called fibre-reinforced plastic composites (FRP) offer outstanding lightweight construction potential compared to classic metals, with experience showing that a mass reduction of 30% to 50% can be achieved in rail vehicle technology. As a result, key properties of rail vehicles such as energy efficiency, payload or driving dynamics can be significantly improved and rail wear reduced.

Through our participation in the DIN standards committee “Track and Rail Vehicles”, we want to contribute our extensive knowledge of the structural application of FRP in rail vehicle technology to the standardisation process, because one reason for the still restrained use is often the insufficient consideration of the special material properties of FRP in the current standardisation for rail vehicles. This affects a wide range of areas such as strength analysis and the repair of FRP components.

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