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We are a research and development company in the field of modern lightweight structural engineering. As an engineering service provider, we pursue a holistic approach. We assess the lightweight potential of components, make the material selection, design the components and their production in keeping with the material, and realize the prototype construction and testing – all with due consideration for safety, profitability and sustainability.

We possess expertise that is unique the world over in the development and realization of structural fiber-composite lightweight solutions for rail vehicles, taking into account rail-specific requirements and standards, such as fire protection requirements pursuant to EN 45545.

Our exceptionally well-trained team boasts interdisciplinary expertise. In our development activities, we rely on the latest lightweight construction technologies and development tools from the fields of industry and research.

We conduct market screenings on a continual basis, in accordance with the most recent developments in the area of lightweight construction. We cooperate closely with university, non-university, and industrial partners to develop innovative ideas and see them through to series application.

In all that we do, we always maintain a focus on the specific requirements of our customers To this end, we are continually expanding our superb expertise in lightweight construction, both on a theoretical level and in terms of technological implementation.

This is both our profession and our passion.